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Pulsa Railway Station

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The Pulsa railway station is located in the beautiful countryside of Lappeenranta. Drive via the winding Ylämaantie and enjoy the beauty and peaceful atmosphere of the countryside. The main building at the station was built in 1869 and the others were constructed not long after to accommodate the train station workers



Where is Pulsa Railway Station?

Coming from Lappeenranta, take the Mikkelintie exit (number 50) and turn left to Pulsa (14 km). Coming from Mikkeli, just go straight under highway number 6. Coming from Kouvola pass the Salpalinja parking lot and turn right in about 100 metres onto a small road with a small black sign reading Pulsa. Head this way for approximately 11 km's. Coming from Vaalimaa take a left from the Ylämaa village and keep going for about 18 km's.


About us

Like our name suggests, we are happily Karelian! Our family consists of 7 children and 5 grandchildren. Petra and Lasse run the station and 2 of the kids, Kim and Julia, are all helping too. Lasse is originally from Pulsa and Petra from Blauen, Switzerland.